Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday News

I have stuck with this haven't I? I still have not gotten to the part where I get on camera again... maybe soon.
 On my news block today some local news for me, then more talk on those dead birds, and other critters

This is something No one ever wants to have happen to them, and to most of us on the internet worry greatly about, when making online purchases. someone else getting our credit card number, and using it. Well this happened at a local semi local taco place, the credit card system got hacked, I can honestly see this happening at other places too. my work for example, is a food place, all the computer in the store can run credit cards, its all networked back into the office, from there it goes into a switch them the modem, then out the building. knowing how big of a mess of wires it is in there I could never hope to comprehend how it all works, But someone knows. It has to be rewired every time the company is switched. Honestly I don't like the paper trail of credit  cards, I don't like when I travel having to wait longer for purchases to go through, and it makes Christmas shopping so much easier to do it in cash.  Some people might like the convenience of a card, get a visa gift card.

Now on the birds, the government is actually trying to take the blame now for a flock of blackbirds, stating that they poisoned them because they were bothering farmers, then dropped while flying north. Really? okay you poisoned birds for farmers, when have you ever done something for Americas farmers? Beyond that, there are so many locations of dead animals now, you can not say its one poisoning, its several, something is happening there. I am still curious.

This article mentions to other articles about several of the other dying animals.

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