Monday, May 9, 2011

Stages in life

It is human nature to always look for something new, want the next thing, perhaps even being unachievable. I have a new car, making payments on it yes. Next thing in my life is to move from my apartment to some place bigger. I think its a possible approach to go from renting to owning a home in this current market. All of these foreclosed homes in my area could lead to me having a larger home for a price per month cheaper than what I pay for rent. There are so many websites out now listing free and paid for foreclosed homes. I think my next step will be to look through them. It is odd for me to go from canceling television and internet because of the added bill, to thinking about moving, but if I can make the move cheaper on me than my current rent, then it is a profitable situation.

Even in these times leading toward economic downfall, and possible shtf there is still room to improve your situation and control your surroundings.

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