Friday, February 18, 2011

Planting season?

I know Daily is now more of a misnomer, and my blog posts have become more random at best, but I am trying to put out decent content, and mostly failing at it I believe. I lack a lot of spare time needed to write these properly, If however I stopped paying for my high-speed internet, I would have two things, more money, and more time, because having internet gives me too much to do beyond paying attention to prepping or this blog, Television doesn't help.

Okay so growing season, has it started? I have no clue honestly, my wife has gotten into it already though, after last year with her attempts at growing vegetation in the apartment failing I am curious to see what will happen this year. she already has one plant growing quite well from seeds, squash, and then she bought a strawberry plant. I know two things not really prepper useful, no wheats or grains. I wanted her to grow spring onions myself, thats something really easy.

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