Monday, January 10, 2011

down time

What is there for you to do in your downtime as a survivalist, prepper, or such. Well you can continue to learn like I am sure you are attempting to do now by reading this and any other blog about survival. Currently I am in my own downtime, I am off work for the night, a night I was planning to be out working for the entire night, because of the snow I had to close the store early as directed by my boss. Now I am in my self looking for something to do, the first thing for me to do as always is for me to find something to read, normally I find myself entranced into one of the many other survival blogs or something dealing with my many other hobbies, anime, paranormal, I can not stay on just one topic, it would drive me nuts.  

The normal things to talk about right now a congresswoman got shot, I believe from this I do like North Carolinas congressman's reaction, he bought a gun. I believe the idea of "if my security can not protect me I will protect myself. " 

The Weather it's self is a story too, because, well It sent me home from work among other things. I saw many wrecks when I was out driving  for work, and many people who are not capable of driving in this mess. 

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