Wednesday, February 9, 2011


What do you do for a living? Is it something you really want to be doing? Well probably not, but it can be useful, lets take me, I drive and make food. I despise cooking, but it is useful to know. It is also good for me to know how to drive in all conditions. My wife also works in food currently, has a degree in culinary. I have a degree in criminal justice. I have had a lot of odd jobs, plumping, painting, masonry, different factory jobs. all of which has taught me a little more about the work force of the world and what it takes to make it even in this economy.

What have your jobs taught you? The big question with these skills is if they are useful in a shit hits the fan scenario. Remember that any skill you have will become a barter tool for you once money has no value.
If you do not have a job that is promoting you some real world skills beyond the obtainment of money, what are some hobbies you could start that would? fishing, hunting, target shooting, building models, geocaching would even be useful at times. come up with your own ideas. comment them to me lets make this a long list.

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