Friday, April 29, 2011

all work all play

I have kept my plate quite full, after healing from my eye I have been constantly working, and when not attempting to be social in the world. my hand is broken still but I am moving around it working left handed mostly.

Crazy weather huh? To all those hit by the tornado, I am sorry, I wish you the best, and condolences to loved ones you may have lost. I suppose when not living in a flood plane or earthquake area, hurricanes and tornadoes are coming and we should just move under ground. This weather is odd, in NC I have seen and lived through one tornado in my area in my life before this year. that means 25 years, I have seen one, and that was when I was in grade school, elementary school mind you. I honestly believe this new condition's of weather are the effected jet stream from the gulf oil spill but I will never be able to confirm this unless the government decides to do so.

That being said, I am doing well beyond being broke and broken. my mind just needs time to recharge for some new content to be unleashed here.

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