Monday, January 17, 2011

Zombie Survival Guide

I read the back of the book first, humor was the section it claimed to be in. honestly I found the book amusing and hard to put down until I got to the last part referring to " real life zombie events " then the book just became boring.
Honestly I thought the book held some decent tips for an end of the world scenario for zombies or any other mass chemical spread infecting many people, basically stating to stay home hold up in your house as long as you have supplies for. This goes hand in hand with prepper mentality, so I liked it, also stating where zombies can not climb I thought was amusing so destroying your stairwells and running to the second floor seemed to me like a good idea.
In many places in the book it relates to the fact that it does not contain all the knowledge needed to survive for long periods of time and that the person should own many survival guides, I think this is sound advice.

For a comedy book, after watching the walking dead series, zombie land, dawn of the dead, or 28 days later I think it is a needed read to put your mind at ease, and give you some ideas for your own post apocalyptic zombie prepping.

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