Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cellphones the hate and the love

How often are you on your cell phone? when you are on your phone are you doing anything else? driving, brushing your teeth, working, computing, skateboarding?  At this point its a good question to ask the capabilities of your phone, I have an iphone, love the thing, it wastes a lot of my time.. riding on the road, at work, so on. the main thing a phone is for is calling people, long distances. I have used mine to annoy my wife in the next room, its fun. I do know a year or so back, before the iphone there was a article in the news, online of course how cellphones were admitting radiation the phone I was using at the time was one of the phones doing it, I had an Cingular 8525, or att when it switched over, the maker was HTC, makes ya wonder how well that new android phone is about making your hair fall out doesn't it.

For those who want to live a closed off life stile, off the grid, cellphones fail in ever aspect, you can always be found, even on a prepaid, the cell towers and networks can triangulate your location where ever you are using the phone. My phone has a built in gps, I know someone could find me. Prepaid phones used to be more anonymous, now even with them you have to register them with the company, with a name and address, you can however give fake information I suppose.
I do not think there was a point to this post, I overuse my cellphone, its my boredom cure, it has books, games, news, internet, anything to kill my boredom. I do know, all the teens, and younger generations reliance on tech, cellphones, computers, toys as I see them, will lead to a dumber human for the future, perhaps with the world finally does go to hell.. if it hasn't already.

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