Friday, February 11, 2011

In the Kitchen

For another of the everyday dangers, I am going to one talk about one of the most rooms of your house. the kitchen. Why is the kitchen dangerous, why is it not is a better question.
A stove, gas or electric, a central object with the sole idea is to recreate the aspects of fire for cooking. lots of people get burned from the stove, or oven or things being heated up on them. water has been spilled on children, people leave metal cooking utensils on a burner that was just on, or even plastic that melts. also remember there is a vent for the oven, normally under the back left burner on the stove, look for it, and remember do not leave pans, pots, or plastic containers over this vent, on that burner, even if the burner is off, the pans will get hot, and the plastic will melt.
Knives, to those that do not collect knives, you still own them, they are all in your kitchen, my wife as a chef has more cooking knives than my mother ever did, and they are all sharper, which is good because more people get cut on a dull knife than a sharp one. Beware of the stabbing or slicing off of limbs.

Refrigerator, Harmless right? Well it can fall on top of you, the ice-maker can break in the freezer and touch an exposed wire with water and possibly electrocute you, thats probably just me being paranoid.

Microwave, few things, water can explode. Do not use tin foil in a microwave. Never make it possible for you to use your microwave while the door is open. No metal, no electronics, Microwave is not a toy. DO NOT put pets in it either. Funny on the internet should not be done at home.

there are many other objects people have in the kitchen that can hurt and kill you, from electric knives to tea kettles,blenders, food processors, or crock pots and coffee makers, if it has a blade or heats up, be careful.

Remember you are in this room everyday, you make three meals a day, you store all your food here, keep it clean, straightened up, and all appliances in proper working order.

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