Friday, January 14, 2011


I was bored today after having to go pick up my check at work, realizing I was right beside the library, even though I pass the building all the time, I hardly go in anymore. I went in and figured I would try to see what books they had on prepping or survival, being a county system library I would have thought it would have more books, of course I used the computer's " card catalog" I think that is a joke really, I remember card catalogs and they were not that easy  to use as I remember them.
There were a few sections and even fewer books. from the books I saw I got two  Wright's Complete disaster survival Manual, by Ted Wright, and Come back Alive by Robert Young Pelton. I apparently have two weeks to read the books, I know I wont get to, I am still reading the zombie survival guide, I just do not take much time to read, I have this blog to write, the day job, a wife, and just other general things I do to relax and reading just takes second string.
 I will probably keep checking out the books so I have time to read them, see how much I like them or they compare to Les Stroud, Survive or Sas Survival guide.  

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