Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday News

Only about, this phrase stands out above all others in this article, Only about 18,000 people. What is it about Only about? Well to this writer Only about 18,000 people died from swine flu. Now I am sure more people die every day, every second or so on and so forth, But I dislike it being put in that context. Just to say only, that word belittles a number, it is used to preceve that it is not that much, there could have been more. This is true more people could have died, and its also a statement of unknowing, only about 18,000 people died.

I know that is not what the article was speaking about, but its just what struck my cord. It could be interesting how much of a boost to the immune system the vaccine gives people, however I never have gotten a flu vaccine for anything, the last person in my family that I knew to get them was my grandmother, and to me I saw he get sick after every one of them.

and more reporting to my hate of that phrase... no one will ever say " only about 3000 people died on 9/11 "

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