Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow day?

I randomly skipped a day? Sorry. I am surprised at NC and our schools and businesses, the schools have been closed all week, and this is suppose to be the first week back to school, that is rather crazy. I know that the roads have been bad, more so than most since I have had to work each day of snow and ice and drive on the roads during it for my job. I have seen many cars on the sides of the road, and even co workers sliding and one crashing, he is fine however. I guess in the south people are not required to learn how to drive in any condition, like bus drivers.
The co-worker that wrecked did tell me a good story about seeing two police cruisers sitting in a parking lot then one backing up preforming a reverse 180 then drifting in circles around the other police cruiser. I would have liked to see video of this.

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