Sunday, January 2, 2011

Saturday News

Okay Mr Alex Epstein 

You make this easy for me, this is an insanely long news article of opinions. All about Oil, about how solar and wind energy are to his mind useless ventures, now I know that people successful off the grid on both solar and wind energy and he states how much land it takes for wind energy, yes this is true, and it speaks about the addiction, the article starts off right, saying how we are not addicted, how it does not have to be an addiction. The article then goes through several points about how oil isn't finite, they we keep find new ways to process it, and that other vegetable oils and such are worthless and a worthless venture. after reading all this and reading all about how alternative tech is useless and how worthless electric and hybrid cars are, which kinda they are, still using oil either through gasoline, or plugging in. 
what happened to our water powered car?

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