Saturday, May 28, 2011

In my own back yard
This story is what I am referring, I knew nothing about what was going on as it was today, TV wasn't on news, radio wasn't on, neither was the police scanner. I was at a store today looking at a nice pump water filter, debated buying it, now I almost think I should have. I also own gas masks, it wouldn't help in everything but it would be something if nothing more than piece of mind and keeping the smells out. I dislike not being aware of my surroundings, I also do not trust the news or epa saying the air is clear. I believe they will not matter what the situation is, will down play the effect anything that happens to the environment or the people in the area. They evacuated a 2 mile area, they probably should have went further. now its beyond that point of needing to know, its already happened, its settling and wont know the effect until it happens, if it happens to us. More and more its these smaller scenarios  that can lead to a large problem. I think already we have a large problem.

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