Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Okay I do believe my wife has this figured out, in this receipt she bought 14 things? Two bags of frozen veggies meals, Three bags of frozen corn, 5 power bar energy bars( why did we need these I do not know?), Four tubes of toothpaste( finally something we needed).  retail price 37.46 she paid 7.98, 30 dollars saved, its not 1000 dollars worth of food but it is a start. She did this in a hurry tonight because she saw sales were going to end so she acted quickly on them, do not know if that was good or not.

In other news for me. I had to cancel my tv/internet wont really effect me being here I still have my phone to use for a modem. This just reduces my speed online greatly.

Oh yeah Osama bin laden was killed I think. I prefer more confirmation and I dislike the sight of the president patting himself on the back taking the credit hoping for his own reelection when it was a soldier that did the work.

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