Friday, May 6, 2011

The Road

Over the course of a few nights, I read this book at night while being unable to sleep. I downloaded the book to my phone, and read it in the dark, for me I never saw this book as story book really, I gathered information from it mostly. Learning the biggest thing they seemed to stress in the book. Have good shoes. Through out the story of this book I thought the idea behind a man as depressed as he was and his son actually to make it through this Barron world that was described. All plants and most animals seem dead, from fires or some other disaster, the air filled with ash, and they are walking along a road in aim to go south. They did not give a reason for them to be going south, the only reason I saw in the book was the idea of avoiding winter. which they went through many hard nights, some when they had a fire some nights not, they remained careful to keep themselves hidden for fear of other people. Apparently people lacking a food source will kill anyone else if needed, like we didn't already think this. This man and his son neither of which are ever given names in the book remain aware of their surroundings while always on the move even when finding random points of Paradise. This is not a bad book, the dialog between the man and the boy was a bit hard for me to follow. 

I do realize there is a movie to this book, I didn't read good things, but there is one thing I know about myself, if I read the book I do not care about seeing the movie, If I watch the movie I get very interested in the book.

I hope I did not give too much away with this book.

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