Thursday, February 24, 2011

reading a new book

What to do When the sh*t hits the fan by Dave Black, it was on clearance in B&N, so far enjoying it, it is slow going for me to read through it with work and everything. It seems to go through the Fema handbook as well as going through some of the authors own opinions. I wont review the book yet till I read through the entire book.

Its interesting for me though, its in the beginning of the year, and I am already getting the feeling of wanting to go camping, and I wanted to plan several camping trips this year, with different people in several different places of  NC, and depending where I am shows the factor of how much I am really camping, if I camp in a friends woods, I can fell trees and make a shelter, if I am in a public forest, I respect the laws there and take shelter, I will eventually show a video of me making a rain fly for my hammock out of garbage bags and duck-tape, I already have the different designs in my head for it, not really gonna go too elaborate on it but it is gonna be nicer than I would be able to make while out in the woods.

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