Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Work, Product Fail, and News Disappears

Today was a busy day for me, I went to work, did a job interview, then went home and promptly passed out, there for getting nothing else done for the day accept to wake up at about midnight unable to sleep again. now its nearly 3 am. 

now the thing seems to not be holding a charge, I have had it about a year now, my mother got more use  out of it than me, and at its current state, it does not hold at charge long enough to pump up my tire. I do not know what other reviewers would  say towards this, however it seems to be a failing product. Considering I enjoyed the concept of this device I will eventually have to obtain another one, though at this point I do not know what brand I will go with next. 

Also, What happed to the birds and fish? The news reports stopped, is this a government hush now? In our lives rush we forget about events so quickly, we also ignore the trials that other countries are going through and events that do not revolve around our country. How about you find out how many major earth quakes happened last year? Compare it to the year before, and the year before that? Is there a trend of escalation? 

I also am waiting for the new Zeitgeist movie, the 29th is when the download begins, I would pay to see it, if I were closer to a showing, if not for the movie, but to see how many other people would be interested in watching it, how many other people know the movement.  

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