Monday, February 7, 2011


Okay, I see I have used this topic before, perhaps this post will have more information.

Driving is the most dangerous thing we do in our daily lives. You may not realize this because of how much you do it, and be annoyed at things you pay for because of your driving habits like insurance.
We the people give minors as young as fifteen the ability move a large heaping powered piece of metal, that could possibly bring death to anyone in its path. From all the states I have visited in the US everyone says their state has the worse drivers, there are many reasons people are bad drivers, in good or bad conditions. in the south we are not used to ice and snow, in the west they are not used to rain.
I wouldn't want to lose my car to a tornado in Kansas, and people from other parts of the world might stay in the car and watch as they are taken up and beaten to death.

Regardless of all that. You as you are driving on the road, how many people do you pass? Hundreds most likely, you have no idea how old they are, what their driving experience is; if they are on their cell phone, texting (which is illegal now), changing the radio station, doing make-up, smoking, driving, eating, typing on their gps We have so many distractions that keep peoples eyes off the road.
This is an easy statistic, most people die in car accidents, than any other type of vehicle. Cars kill more people than guns, cars kill more people than terrorists. and cars are in your back yard, cars are sold everywhere, without a licence, no waiting period.

I personally work in a job where I can spend the entire shift of working on the road driving, delivering, people like me are most at risk because we spend more time doing this dangerous action, and people like me feel more confident in our driving so will do more while driving, in that we might set a bad example for anyone, like the others I train to do my job. What is out of my control are other drivers, and I see a lot of bad ones, swerving, running off the road, stopping unexpectedly, and turning without signal.
 I personally stop and slow down while looking for the place I am delivering to, so I become a road hazard while I am searching for someones address wither they actually have it posted or not. In the day time or night. At night your pretty bronze numbers on the side of your brick house are invisible, and those plants growing up your house looking pretty covering your house numbers, it doesn't stop my progress getting to you.
This type of non-marked home would stop Emergency vehicles too.

I'll attempt to make this post part of a series, everyday dangers.

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