Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Month

February already, In my life not much happening that is interesting, I continue working which means little to anyone reading this honestly; However, to me it means continued life stuck in a rut, I am quite curious how someone starting out life in a poor social status can move above it. my parents were poor, my wifes parents were poor, I am 25 years of age, Yep I said something about myself. I think we married young yes. I do not see how a couple wishing to have kids, brought up in distress of money gets out of that distress. This is from countless talks or arguments with the wife about money, and time.

its a condescending idea for her, she wants to move to a city, for work to obtain a better job, but when we have children she wants to be close enough for her mother to be there. the two ideas are impossible for me to grasp. Beyond that moving at all, when one lives only paycheck to paycheck how would one move. This month incredibly annoying with car inspections, registrations, and to have the kicker a higher power bill from heating.

This is the very point where I wish we were off the grid, or in a world where one did not need a job or a car riding horses, trading whats needed, using crafts and skills properly for money, while chopping wood for a fire, or even in modern age, solar heating. Everyone has skills, my wife's is cooking, mine is just about everything.

I have always been a jack of all trades, and quite literally a master of none. My father was a painter, through that he was also a handyman, but painting houses, he was a master at, it took him time, as he did it alone, but never a drip, never a run in the paint, an entirely even coat. I was taught this, I am capable of painting not as he was though. I have held many jobs with him or without, repairing wood work, stone masoning, plumbing, electrician. All the while having my own hobbies, making plate armor, learning to sew with my mother, as that was her main profession, crocheting with my grandmother, Whittling. and as I got older computers and other electronics. All of these skills, Everyone of them is useless to a modern resume. In america you want teams of foreigners painting your houses, doing your sewing, gardening, so on. the servant class of the world, even the factory class of the industrial revolution is now the unemployed class. Those like me who wish for high rank, champagne on a beer budget, we work in customer service now, being paid bottom dollar to those that will still hirer, food service, most companies shipped jobs else where, where more profits can be made by having lower wages.

I am not foreseeing my way of getting ahead in life. I have an associates degree, so does my wife, mine is in criminal justice, my wife's is in culinary arts. No money and too much shame, I bow to no one, I neither beg nor plea, I just see this world dropping, and to those few with money either wasting it. or those that are in the magical middle class prepping. Those are the ones who I wish to be, to have the money to prepare for a time when our world becomes like the movies News on tv.

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