Saturday, March 26, 2011

Out of commission

My Car is anyway, for the old boy, a 94 saturn sc2. not the most family friendly car in the world, I honestly have hated the thing since moving out on my own, and a year or so before that. No room for friends, no room for stuff, and really no room for moving. Which I have done three times while owning this car. This would be the worse family car in the world, short of a smart car. Either way I have to find a way to sell a mostly non working car that is really good on gas when it runs. I hope I can get a nice suv for myself. This is only the second car I have owned, I am not very experienced in buying cars, or selling them. Okay, I have never sold a car, I drive them till they die. I avoid car payments like the plague. Also, sorry no news.

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