Monday, May 23, 2011

The end of the world wasn't

Well I knew this would happen, the end didn't or more accurately rapture didn't happen. So I suppose e all continue on prepping for the next big thing 2012 I guess. I honestly do not think anything will happen then. There are a lot of odd dates this year and next in numerology but I do not think much of that system either. What we have to work and worry for are more of the same things we see everyday like the tornados and the earthquakes and hurricanes. Not some massive repeat of an ice age or god coming to force us to repent for our wrongs.

If rapture happened the only innocence taken would be unborn children. Everyone sins.

I am but a few posts away from 100 so maybe I'll get a guest poster sometime. Until then it's just me. I am not being a good prepped or mimilist right now I am in one of my moods. Tying to find my own happiness right now and failing and faulting with my self for trying. But I am still here lIke everyone else.


  1. Hang in there...on a more personal level, we prep not for the latest trend in fatalism but as a step towards insulating ourselves against inflation and the occasional natural disaster.

  2. I know you do not prep for the new growing trend of it. You have a full plan for anything that might happen and a full way to implement it when ever the need.