Tuesday, April 28, 2015

shit hits the fan

It has been a long time since I penned something proper to this blog, so far this week we have volcano, earthquakes and riots. Then come the words from my mother, the world will be end by fire.

which one of these disasters do you think is worse? where is someplace you would go to get away from the ever growing police state just to keep people from destroying there own cities. I don't understand it really, but what can we do, well I believe this is where bugging in comes to the table as an option, and a very good one. 
 So much has changed in my life since I started this blog, I was married now I am not. It's for better or worse really. I think I'm going to switch over to doing videos.I still enjoy blogging but I enjoy being outside more and I've been taking that step more and more. and slowly ill train myself to be a true survivalist. try now I am a dabbler for I have only gone camping and not had to deal with bad weather or the hardships of mother nature. 
So I made a facebook page to go with this site I think I made it wrong it doesnt show up like my paranormal section of facebook.so now you can like or friend me. I could also use some help setting up the facebook to send auto notices for the blog like it does on twitter

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