Friday, May 15, 2015

Calamine needed

Well I sit here covered in poison ivy it's a truly evil thing, don't worry I've had it before and know how to deal with it. I've made quite a few videos but I haven't uploaded them or made them watchable yet, I really don't like what I've recorded, I just recorded a few things in my yard some of the fruit we grow here, I do wish we did more like keep rabbits or something... I really want rabbits or maybe like our neighbors get chickens. Few riots I've seen in other countries I haven't seen any more news reports about it in America. I really don't want to repeat the news. I have written quite a bit here and I have no idea if it's been useful for anyone at all, but I will try to write some more useful things I've purchased a few new books I would recommend petersons guides I have the eastern America books for edible and medicinal plants. The idea of returning to doing Daily posts is daunting perhaps with the videos I make I'll write up one post a week. Not changing the name though.

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